How SILS Works?

How the SILS Hysterectomy Works


The latest advancement in laparoscopic surgery, a hysterectomy performed using the SILS™ Port allows for the removal of the uterus through a small incision made in the belly button which measures 20 mm, or slightly smaller than the diameter of a nickel. To perform this procedure, the surgeon will insert into the belly button a SILS™ Port, a soft and flexible instrument equipped with three distinct openings which allows for the use of three surgical devices at the same time. When the surgery is complete, the SILS™ Port is removed from the belly button, leaving one incision which may not be visible upon healing. Recovery from the SILS™ hysterectomy may be similar to the 2 week recovery time associated with laparoscopic hysterectomy; however, laparoscopic hysterectomies may require multiple incisions.