Patient Testimonials

Excellent medical care
I have been a patient of Dr. Thibodeau's since 2004 and have been very happy with the care that I have received. She is friendly and approachable which, in this type of practice, is extremely important in my opinion. Not to mention that she is aggressive in terms of medical care and very knowledgable about her specialty.

I also happen to work in a local operating room where she does surgery and I can honestly say that she is one of the best gyn surgeons that I have worked with. She is up-to-date on the latest procedures and seeks out oppurtunities to constantly improve her skills. I would not hesitate to allow her to perform surgery on me if needed.


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Love me some Dr.T!

I have been a patient of Dr. T's since she first came into the area. I have sometimes been a problem pateinet however she has stayed true to helping me feel comfortable and that she really cares for me. I had an abnormal pap smear that she handled with great attention and advice and then I had a baby...My delivery was hard but the only voice I could hear was Dr. T's encouring me. She is aggressive in learning new technology and is aggressive in making sure that her practice stands out among other obgyn's. I would and have referred (at least 10 friends) to her, including my own mother and sister.



Amazing Surgery! Single Incision Laproscopic (Belly Button Surgery)
7 days ago I was laying in a hospital bed, just out of surgery. At age 37 with a 14 year old, I had made the decision to have a hysterectomy. Once Dr. Thibodeau came to the conclusion that I was confident in my decision, she fessed up about one of her latest (and greatest) of talents. One cut (in the belly button) Laparoscopic surgery! Now, 7 days later I am playing volleyball in the pool, doing light work and going out to dinner. All this, with no cervix, no uterus, and NO SCAR! Dr. Thibodeau is not only excellent in her surgical skills, she is filled with wonderful personality and shows sincere care for her patients. Being very confident and proud of her work, Dr. Thibodeau gives her patients the unconditional feel of trust and full competency. Thank you Dr. Thibodeau for helping me to feel like an amazing new woman free of monthly burdens!

Pros: Out and about 5 days after surgery!
Cons: We need more OBGYNs like her.



Dr. Lee is the reason my daughter is here!

My husband and I tried for several years to have a baby and after 2 miscarriages I was referred to see Dr. Lee. She diagnosed me and with in 2 months I was finally pregnant again, something I thought would never happen. I had a very high risk pregnancy and was put on bedrest at 20 some weeks and I was a basketcase. The office staff was always so supportive of me, no matter how many times a day I called! The nurses always answered my questions and some days even dried my tears! Dr Lee helped me every step of the way, always taking the time to make sure that every question I had was answered no matter how simple. I was in the office once a week and it became like a second home. Dr. Lee was awesome during my delivery and I know that I couldn't have done any of this without her! She and her staff were so caring and supportive during my whole process before, during, and even after my pregnancy. I couldn't reccommend this place enough!


Comprehensive services provided by Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee has provided me with the greatest care for the past two years. I am past childbearing age and had feminine issues that were impacting the quality of life. Dr. Lee first of all listened to me carefully and spent time with me to determne my medical needs. She went about treatment conservatively, but moved efficiently and quickly when it was decided that surgery was necessary to restore my enjoyment of life. She has continued to provide answers to all of my questions and remains interested in providing the best care to me. She is very easy to talk with and has encouraged me to make moves and decisions that have been in my best interest physically and emotionally. I hope she is around for a long time to continue to provide this service to me and others.


My relationship with COBGYN began when I became pregnant with my daughter (switching over from my previous practice) after being a part of multiple births handled by Dr.'s Lee and Thibodeau. My pregnancy was not the easiest case for the record books, but through all of the bumps along the road I always felt well taken care of by the practice.

The labor and delivery of my daughter proved to be eventful. However, after laboring through the night, Dr. Thibodeau came in the next morning and within seconds recognized the problem. Correcting matters quickly, she delivered an amazing baby girl.

A year ago, I would have told you this was the end of my story. Now I know it was just the beginning. February 2011 marked a year since I became extremely ill. All I knew was that my chest hurt. After multiple visits with my PCP and a couple of trips to a specialist, I found myself sitting face-to-face with Dr. Thibodeau again. This time in her personal office. Catamenial Pneumothorax due to Endometriosis, she said. I had suffered with Endometriosis for several years. Though “endo” had been my “achilles heel” and I had managed a successful pregnancy after several bouts of surgery/drug therapy (provided by a previous practice) nothing could prepare me for what those words were going to mean in my life. My Endometriosis had moved in to my lung. Never heard of it? That's most likely because there are less than 100 documented cases. There is no textbook standard on how to handle this type of case. It didn't matter though, I had Dr. Rebecca Thibodeau. As I cried and shook nervously, Dr. Thibodeau confidently and humbly laid out a plan. My situation required a radical hysterectomy. Then we began a journey TOGETHER.

Dr. Thibodeau (along with her practice) is well versed in the most cutting edge information and procedures. But that is not the only thing that makes this the only group of doctors I would ever trust. They build a relationship with each patient. They look at each patient as an individual with their own unique situation. They recognize that patients are not doctors and we are sometimes scared or confused. This practice makes it a priority that YOU are taken care of – not just as a patient, but as a person.


Wonderful Staff.. Caring Office.. Highly Recommend
In trying to find a local OB/GYN, I did a lot of research into who was available anywhere in the Hampton Roads area. I found that, not only did Churchland's physicians all seem to be highly qualified, but they appeared to have a well-organized office; were easily accessible both over the phone, in the office, and online; and everyone in the office made coming to the doctor a breeze. I have seen Dr. Thibodeau mostly, and have been greatly impressed by her professionalism balanced with a genuine sense of caring and empathy. Going to the office, I always feel at ease. They truly have the team spirit established in this office, as well; the nurses are very familiar with their doctor's patients and are truly patient advocates in discussing options with the doctors and relaying information back to you, should you call in over the phone with questions. I drive 30 minutes through a tunnel and traffic to get there and think that every minute is worth it. I truly feel cared for both emotionally and physically and find my visits there to be joyful, instead of a hassle in my day. I would recommend that anyone who is new to the area (or who is searching for a new physician) to give the doctors at Churchland OB/GYN a try!


Best Doctors around!!
I am from Virginia Beach and I recently had my second child. As with my first, I looked everywhere to find the best hospitals and doctors. Everywhere I went, I heard about the staff at Churchland OB/GYN. Even though it is quite far from my house, I knew that it was the place for me.

I originally heard about Dr. Thibodeau being one of the best MD's around. This urged me to look further into Churchland OB/GYN. Then upon asking friends of mine that are nurses, I heard mention of Dr. Lee's abilities as a surgeon for C-sections. Lastly, upon confirming with the staff at Maryview Medical Center, I heard about Angela Carpenter. Wow!! Three doctors all in the same practice that came recommended by people I trust! I then researched all their credentials and found out that they met up to my standards as well.

Of course, I knew that I would have to make the drive out there. I ended up loving the clinic. The staff is kind and well organized. They took my picture so they would recognize me by looks. They met my every concern. I loved it. If I were to have a third child I would go back to them.

I am very thankful for my new baby boy and I am thankful to them for making it a great experience!


3 Amazing Dr's that I will never forget!

So here's my story with churchland obgyn...In 2009 I found out that I was expecting my first child. I had recently moved to the area and needed to find an ob fast! One of my friends who was also a military wife recommended Churchland because they accepted tri-care so I looked them up online and decided to give it a shot!

Unfortunately 3 weeks later I had a miscarriage but Dr. Carpenter was there to help me through it all! She was so understanding and helped me with whatever I needed! Much to my suprise 2 months later I was pregnant again and Dr. Carpenter was there for me once again and I knew if I needed anything that she would be there! During this pregnancy I had gotten to meet all of the staff and was very pleased with everyone...but if I am being biased I have to say Dr. Lee, Dr. Thibodeau, and Dr. Carpenter are my all time favorites they are all extremely professional and caring! Well at my 31 week checkup I had an appointment with Dr. Lee and we then found out that our precious son Mason's heart was no longer beating. They tried the doppler as well as the ultrasound and I truly felt the pain in Dr. Lee and Dr. Carpenters eyes when they had to tell me he was no longer with us. They told me that whenever I was ready that we would go to the hospital and I would have him. When I got to the hospital Dr. Carpenter was there and again did another ultrasound just to make sure and again I could tell she was almost as heartbroken as my husband and I were. She gave me some medication to help with the process of having my son and kept asking if there was anything that I needed to make me more comfortable. The whole time I was in the hospital Dr. Lee, Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Thibodeau were concerned for my comfort and whatever it took to make me as comfortable as possible while I was there. The next morning Dr. Thibodeau came in administered more drugs and made sure I was ok and told me that Dr. Lee would be in with me soon and she was right! A few moments later there Dr. Lee was and she helped me through it all. I delievered Mason with the help of Dr. Lee on June 22, 2010 and he was so beautiful...I could tell that Dr. Lee was so heartbroken at everything that had happend and also frustrated to know what had happend. She told me she would do whatever it took to figure out what had happend and I knew I could trust her with that. Unfortunately after all the testing nothing seemed abnormal with our son and it is still a mystery today. I thank everyday for Dr. Lee & Dr. Carpenter because without those 2 women I don't think I'd have felt as comfortable as I did.

Now I am currently 23 weeks pregnant for a 3rd time and Dr. Lee has been my main overseerer in this whole pregnancy as well as Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Thibodeau. They sent me to EVMS for extra studies at the beginning of my pregnancy and made sure to pay extra attention to me. I also had had fears of giving birth again after everything with Mason and Dr. Lee was very understanding and agreed that I should have a c-section. We found out around 10 weeks that we are having to be transferred down to Georgia when I am 30 weeks pregnant and Dr. Lee has made several notations that she recommends I have a c-section and that I need special attention starting immediatley when I get down there with stress testing, etc. I am truly going to miss Dr. Lee and her nurse Amber as well as Dr. Carpenter & Dr. Thibodeau. I've already promised them pictures, etc. once this bundle of joy arrives. They have eased my worries a lot and its going to be hard to find someone to fill their shoes when I move. I trust these ladies with everything I have!


Compassionate Caring GYN Care!

Dr. Thibodeau has been my doctor for almost 8 years now. She has seen me through many expected and unexpected changes in my health. She always has a bright smile and positive attitude. Most importantly, she takes as much time as she needs to address all of my questions and concerns every time I come in for an appointment. Her staff and nurses always greet me with kindness and respect. I love this office and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding care. ❤

Cristie E

Nicest Staff of Any Office!

I started going to Churchland OBGYN a few years ago because of an insurance switch and most of the women I work with recommended them. Starting with Dr. Rachel Lee I have also seen Valerie Adair and Kelly Davis. Everyone of the staff there greets me with a smile and has been ever so kind. ALthough I am young, I have had quite a few abnormal paps as well as a mamogram and breast biopsy. Throughout everything the staff has been there to support me and has kept me grounded.


Angela Carpenter - Certified Nurse Midwife is the BEST!
I went to see Angela with a problem that many other doctors and specialists couldn't fix and she did!! She listened to me and I felt like she really empathized with my situation. In general, she really cared enough to figure it out and help me any way she could. Thank you Angela and thank you Churchland OB/Gny!! I would recommend this practice to every woman in the area!! : )

Cathy H

There is just something relaxing about going to an all female staff office. You know everyone there understands what it's like to be a woman and can identify with the issues we face. I first started going to Churchland OB/GYN now Monarch Women's Wellness several years ago after seeing their ad in a local paper and am happy to travel from Yorktown each time I visit their office. It's like being at home.


This office is great, I have been a patient for over four years. Dr. Lee delivered my last son and she was wonderful. She was very caring as was the rest of the staff. Kelly is by far my favorite to see if I'm just coming for a regular check up. She takes her time and listens to what you have to say. She has answered all of my questions no matter how detailed and knowing I was probably making her behind for her next appt. Thanks, you guys are great!


I love Dr. Lee and the whole Churchland OBGYN staff. Everyone is super friendly. They really care about making you comfortable and ensuring that you are in good health. They get you in and out without making you wait a long time. Also, I don't have insurance and they work with me so I can still get the best health care possible. I would recommend them, especially Dr. Lee to everyone I know. For caring about their patients, they are definetly the best!


This is by far the BEST OBGYN office in the area! I have been there for over 5 years now & have had some pretty difficult female issues. Dr. Lee & Dr. Thibodeau have done wonders giving me the best care possible. The entire staff is very caring, friendly & personal with the patients, which makes each visit very comfortable.

After 5 years of fertility issues & a miscarraige, I couldn't believe it when Dr. Lee finally delivered my beautiful baby girl this past November! I am forever greatful for all that she & her staff have done for me. I recommend their office to every woman I know!!!

K Santucci