Allison’s Story: A Military Family’s Baby Story

by Monarch Women's Wellness on August 1, 2013

Being new to the Hampton Roads area, I consider myself blessed and lucky to have found Monarch Women’s Wellness. My husband is a Marine Corps pilot, and we recently moved here to Virginia Beach. When we wanted to start a family, I was clueless as to who would be my OBGYN. As a first-time mom, I avidly researched every doctor on the Tricare list of “in network providers”, and found positive review after, positive review about Monarch Women’s Wellness.  The doctors at Monarch were even hailed on a local, online forum for military wives. I knew at that point it was time to make an appointment. Even though we live at the Oceanfront, I wanted to try it out and see if it was worth the drive.

My husband and I attended our first appointment, where we found out we were pregnant, with Kelly Davis, WHNP. This appointment “sealed the deal” for us. We both immediately felt comfortable at Monarch. Kelly was excited for us and answered, I cannot even tell you how many, questions that day!

Throughout my pregnancy, I had the privilege of seeing each physician at Monarch. It was amazing to me how each of these female providers was equally as knowledgeable, professional, personable, and truly caring and interested in my individual pregnancy. Even the front desk staff was excellent! Those sweet ladies knew my name, asked me how I was feeling, and just completely welcomed me at each appointment. Being my first pregnancy, having these factors meant a great deal to my husband and I. I didn’t mind sitting in crazy tunnel traffic and dealing with a long drive from the Oceanfront; Monarch was totally worth it! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When I really “fell in love” with Monarch, was when I met Angela Carpenter, CNM.  She led our Prenatal Classes. I will never forget being so nervous about 2 specific things: one, my water breaking and two, breastfeeding. Don’t ask me why, but they scared me to death! Both of these fears were completely put to ease through these classes. I had read a bunch of books about pregnancy and delivery, but nothing can take the place of Angela and these hands-on classes! Her bubbly and fun personality really helped my husband and I relax and enjoy learning about how our baby would enter the world. The amount of knowledge and empowerment I received from these classes with Angela was priceless to us. Especially when we were able to tour the Bon Secours Maryview Birthing Center. We knew after these Prenatal Classes that we could do it and enjoy the process at the same time.

Another way Angela touched our hearts was in my 7th month of pregnancy, when my husband and I were in a car accident. The immediacy of Angela’s response to our call into the Monarch Emergency Line was completely reassuring. She even called ahead to Bon Secours Maryview Birthing Center to let them know what happened and that I was on my way to be checked. I walked in to a caring staff that was informed and ready to take care of me. I am thankful to say that no one was hurt!

Our precious little boy, Oliver, was born this year on January 3rd. Dr. Rachel Lee delivered him and walked us through the last part of my pregnancy journey with Monarch. At that point, these women had become our family. Dr. Lee and I were laughing and exchanging stories in between contractions, which my family thought was hilarious and heart warming. I was truly able to experience the benefits of my priceless time with Angela during my delivery. All the information I had learned came to life. It decreased my stress level and nervousness tremendously.

Baby Oliver


Allison’s Advice:

I would tell any expectant mother, especially those expecting for the first time, to find a practice who offers patient education, like Prenatal Classes. That was priceless for us!

We will never forget the individualized, personal care we received from the entire Monarch Family. They have been part of this miracle of life and personal journey with our family. We will always and forever by thankful.


The Byers Family


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