Christmas Traditions

by Monarch Women's Wellness on December 19, 2011

What are your Christmas traditions?

written by Nina Simone

So much of Christmas revolves anticipation and preparation – concepts a bit difficult to explain to little ones but so much fun to participate in together.

We do an Advent Calendar. We have this very fancy one with a small cabinet door on each day with room for something to be placed inside. Last year, I intended to do a special Advent activity each day and put a slip of paper announcing the event in the Calendar.  All my friends were doing this, so I figured it was what must be done.

Advent Calendar Options

But about five days in I realized I did not have the strength, creativity, or yuletide spirit for Twenty Four different special outings or crafts. I teetered on the edge of self-imposed Mother failure. With sadness and guilt, I started putting bite size candies in the cabinets on those days I felt my Elf Energy waning.

My children were thrilled. They loved the treats as much as the activities. (Some days they loved them more.)

And once again I learned. Christmas traditions are no different than the other parenting rituals that can be done right and well a thousand different ways.

Find out what works for you. Take note of what doesn’t. Celebrate with your children in ways that bring you joy as well. A 10-foot tree decorated in handmade angels loses some valuable if Mom has to take to her bed out of mental and physical exhaustion.

And remember that young children are gracious. They find wonder in small things and are most hungry for your time and attention.

paper cut snow flakesMy four year old and I make snowflakes every year, and she has yet to comment on the fact that every year I have to find an online tutorial to remind us how. Those items resembling snowflakes, constructed in front of a computer screen, now decorate her room. They add festivity and cheer  – and another imperfect, but precious, Christmas memory.

Here  is a great video tutorial from for paper snow flakes – we might just try this one this year.


What traditions do you have?  Do you feel pressure to do it all?

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