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Lately we are seeing this little Elf everywhere on Facebook, Pinterest and even the Hampton Roads Show!  Yes, this Elf is all over the place and we find him to be SO irresistible!

Curious to see what this little Elf has been doing around town?  Check out Owen’s antics below.  Amanda McGhee, of Kimberlin Gray Photography is inspiring us all… even those of us with less active elves.  We must admit we love her Facebook posts these days!  See for yourselves the magic this Mom of two is creating!

“During the night, Owen decided to strike up a game of Connect 4 with a friend! (For those who don’t know, the little white furry guy is Ava’s favorite friend, Bobby – who she named at 18 months old and has slept with and favored since she was 1!)”Amanda McGhee

Elf playing connect four!

“This morning, I’m off to welcome home the sailors of the USS Bush who have been serving our country overseas for 7 months,  Apparently, Owen is honoring them. too. in his newest adventure.  We found him this morning sailing the ‘seas’… in the bathtub! =)”

“Tomorrow morning, the children will wake to find that Owen the Elf has raided the craft cabinet… and was hard at work.  Although, the stickers seem to have confused him a bit =)”

“That little rascal Owen is at it again.  In the morning, the kids will find that he’s colored the milk remaining in our jug green to match his scarf and earmuffs.  It’s chilly in the North Pole – and the fridge!!”

Now what fun is all the work if the Elf on the Shelf doesn’t encourage “good” behavior, right? Here is how Owen got down to business.

“Santa has not been getting a good report from Owen the Elf. Let’s see if this letter will help them shape up and get back on the Nice List tomorrow. Hmmmmm….anyone wanna take bets? ;-)” Amanda

Elf gets down to discipline

“Sneak peak of our Elf, Owen’s mischief last night…”
Owen paints their noses red

Amanda caught their reactions on video – so cute!  A small tip from Amanda:  Beware if you try this at home…  make sure you don’t mind their pillows being covered in red face-paint…  and make sure they are in a deep sleep =).

“Wonder what Owen is cooking up for the kids? They’re finding this little bit of fun tomorrow morning…”  You can get some of this fun here at A.Dodson’s.

“The ‘magic seeds’ Owen brought this morning have grown into yummy treats for the kids to find when they wake up!”

Yummy Treats from Owen, Elf on the Shelf

So what do you think about Owen’s little antics?    Amanda has so many more fun ones she has posted but we didn’t want to spill too many of HER beans.  Join her on Facebook and see what fun she is creating!  She is doing much more than plotting and planning Owen’s next late night adventure.

Contest Time!

Now it’s time to win your very own and or second Elf on The Shelf!

Leave your favorite family tradition below in our comments section and one person will be  randomly selected to win your very own Elf on the Shelf, and if you have one already – you could always re-gift it or just add to your collection – we won’t tell =).  A winner will be selected at random at 10AM on Friday, December 23rd.

If you’d like some more Elf on the Shelf  inspiration be sure to check out this Super Mom’s Blog.

Join us on Facebook to find out who won and find out what’s coming next.. we have some exciting things to share!  Our next giveaway is a Nabi – details coming soon.


All images and comments are the work of Amanda McGhee.


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