Gender Reveal Parties… boy or girl?

by Monarch Women's Wellness on August 4, 2011

Finding out what you are having is often a very exciting time not only for the expecting couple but their friends and family too.  Sometimes at the 19-22 week ultrasound the couple will chose to find out what they are having… but sometimes they decide to wait..  here are some great ideas if you are thinking about making the most of this “gender reveal”.


Have you ever heard of a gender reveal party?  This is a party for the soon-to-be parents find out what they are having among friends and family.  This is such a fun way to find out!  Have your technician write what you are having on a piece of paper and ask your favorite baker to pick it up… or maybe you could deliver it to him or her.. (I’m not sure I could do this, it’s a self-control issue and against my better judgment I still would be very tempted to peak).  Make sure you have a photographer (or a friend good with the camera) to capture your faces when you and your family find out!  Here is a great example of a gender reveal party!

If your ultrasound lands around the holidays..    Have your technician write the sex of your baby inside a card maybe including a few of the ultrasound pictures (for proof).  Don’t open until Christmas!  No other presents will be necessary for the family, finding out will be all the excitement they need!  The night before Christmas will feel just as exciting as it did when you were 6 years old.  Check out what this couple did… I can’t help but think I might not sleep the night before if I knew such surprise was under my tree… I also lack the self control to not try and peak… so Santa Clause would have to make this delivery himself.. but what a day I would never forget and neither would our family.

So we’d love to know… how did you share your news with the family?  Did you wait to find out till the delivery of your baby?

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