Ginny’s Story: A Better OBGYN Experience

by Monarch Women's Wellness on June 13, 2013

My first experience with an OBGYN was a nightmare, to say the least. I was young and inexperienced, and I felt very uncomfortable. My physician at the time was a male OBGYN, and I didn’t feel as though he understood what I was going through. I had been diagnosed with ovarian cysts that were eventually removed. I knew after that, it was time for me to find a different physician.

I asked around and was referred to Monarch Women’s Wellness. I was immediately attracted to the practice, because all of the providers were female. From my very first appointment with Dr. Thibodeau Khan, I knew this was where I needed to be! Before we went into the exam room for my annual check-up, Dr. Thibodeau Khan took me into her office, introduced herself, and asked about me. I had never had a doctor take that kind of personal interest in me as a patient before! What a great change!

Fast forward a couple of years, and my husband and I found out we were expecting! This was my first pregnancy, so I was a ball of excitement and nerves all wrapped up into one.  Pregnancy, and all of the changes that go along with it, was completely new to me. I had many, many questions and concerns, and ALL of the staff at Monarch Women’s Wellness was ALWAYS knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. Anytime I would call with a question, everyone from the friendly and welcoming front-desk staff, to the helpful nurses would go above and beyond my expectations to help answer my questions and make me feel “taken care of.”


The Smith Family


My husband, Phil, and I saw Dr. Thibodeau Khan for most of our appointments. We knew we wanted her to deliver our baby, no matter what! We had BOTH grown so attached to her. Even my husband, who attended every check-up with me, had formed a bond with “Dr. T,” as we called her. He always felt as though she addressed him and included him in all of the discussions. That meant the world to him!

During my pregnancy, we also attended the Birthing Classes with Angela Carpenter, the Certified Nurse Midwife, and quickly fell in love with her too! We learned so much from the classes and felt very empowered, confident and ready to have our baby girl. I also had a Prenatal Massage with the Licensed Massage Therapist at Monarch, which was another phenomenal experience. The consistency of excellence at Monarch is absolutely amazing! I knew I was getting the best possible care!

When it was time for me to deliver our baby girl, Madelynn, Dr. Thibodeau Khan was there helping us through every part of the delivery. My family was amazed at the excellence of my care. My mother and mother-in-law were both in the delivery room with me, and commented numerous times about how impressed they were with Dr. Thibodeau Khan. They were also relieved she was there, because Dr. Thibodeau Khan was the only one I would listen to, according to my “moms.” Dr. Thibodeau Khan coached me through my delivery, and helped me bring Madelynn into this world! I will forever be grateful to her and Monarch Women’s Wellness for the incredible experience they gave me.

Ginny and Madelynn


Ginny’s Advice:

My piece of advice to any expectant mother or any young girl looking for an OBGYN would be to find a practice that makes you feel special, that enjoys the journey of womanhood and pregnancy with you. I found that at Monarch Women’s Wellness! The personal interest that they take in their patients is unparalleled. I recently had my 30th birthday, and my husband threw me a surprise party. Dr. Thibodeau Khan came and celebrated with my family and I. Because of my negative experience with doctors when I was young, I never would have expected to have this relationship with my doctor now. What a blessing and an answer to my prayers. Thanks Monarch!

Ginny & Dr. Thibodeau Khan

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