“Happiest Baby on the Block” Classes

by Monarch Women's Wellness on February 7, 2012

Happiest Baby on the Block Class: Knowledge and a Confidence BOOST for New Parents!

It’s the day after you have given birth to your precious little miracle. You are exhausted. You still ache in places that you didn’t think possible. You are getting ready to go home with a brand new LIFE. A life that you are completely responsible for.

The thought thrills you beyond words, but terrifies you all in the same breath.

You take in a deep breath, and exhale and sigh of relief. “I can do this”, you say to yourself. “I have the tools and the knowledge. Knowledge that is proven to work time and time again in helping the parents sooth their brand new infants. I just have to remember the 5 S’s and all the principles I learned my class. Whew! So glad we took that class, honey!Happiest Baby on the Block book

 So, what class are we talking about?  Dr. Harvey Karp’s, Happiest Baby on the Block class, hosted by  Renaissance Pediatrics. The Happiest Baby on the Block teaches new parents how to soothe their infants with the “5 Famous S’s”.…. Swaddling, Side, Shhhh, Swinging, and Sucking. This time-tested and proven method helps to soothe crying infants and helps them fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. It also empowers new parents with the information and confidence to master the gigantic transition of bringing home a new baby.

Swaddled Newborn

Here are only two of numerous testimonials  listed on Dr. Karp’s website

 “What every mother needs are simple tools that really work . . .and Harvey’s do.”
– Michelle Pfeiffer, actress/producer

“A must read! Our baby responded to the 5 S s immediately!”
– Keely and Pierce Brosnan, TV journalist/environmentalist and actor

 Renaissance Pediatrics will also teach you infant CPR techniques during the class.

The next Happiest Baby on the Block class is coming up on February 21st at 6:30 PM!! Call Monica at Renaissance Pediatrics 757-488-2223 to register. Cost is $25 per couple and includes a Soothing Sounds CD from Dr. Karp.

And after learning all about Dr. Harvey Karp’s amazing techniques check back with us about Infant Massage.  Our very own Cassandra Outlaw will be teaching new parents and parents-to-be about all the wonderful benefits and techniques of infant massage.  Class details coming soon.


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