Holiday Crafts with Dr.Thibodeau!

by Monarch Women's Wellness on November 25, 2012

With the Holiday Season upon us, some of your “creative juices” may be beginning to flow. Dr. Thibodeau has some cute, Christmas craft ideas to share with you to help get you started. Share your pictures with us when you are done, she would love to see them!

This is her Christmas Word Tree. She used her die-cutter to make this one, but you can use a variety of materials- like scrapbook paper and a firm backing, like cardboard. You can frame this or display it on a stand. Use your imagination for the wording, colors, etc…  Have fun with this one! Some of her inspiration came from her Pinterest Profile.

Christmas Plaque


These are Family Christmas Ornaments of her two boys, Mason and Alex. Ladies, are you thinking what I am thinking, “Great gift idea for the Grandparents!”? Dr. Thibodeau made these out of brown cardstock paper, and twine to hang them. You can decorate with pictures, captions, stickers, kid’s finger prints, or whatever is special to you.

Christmas Ornaments


These are Personalized Gift Tags that she also made for her two boys. One is a “Panda Fanatic” and the other loves monkeys. She used her computerized die-cutter to make these, but you could use other materials – like card stock, themed scrapbook paper, or pre-made plain gift tags that you would then decorate (sold at Michael’s craft stores).

Panda Gift Tags

Monkey Gift Tags


Lastly, and my personal favorite, are the Elf Pillows. What a sweet gift idea for a school class, play group, or church gathering that kids would LOVE. These are simply made from red and white mints packaged in a little goody bag, and then labeled with the “Elf Pillow” description. Dr. Thibodeau’s inspiration for this came from here.


Elf Pillows


Have fun making these crafts! We would love to see pictures of your Holiday crafts! You can send them to [email protected] so we can then share them on our Facebook page and our blog. Happy Holidays!


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