Julie’s Story: A Pre-Term Labor Scare

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I started seeing the Monarch Women’s Wellness physicians as a teenager.  At the time, no one knew what the future would hold for me as an expectant mother. I was always healthy at my annual appointments, so I expected to have an easy pregnancy someday. Boy, was I wrong!

In summer 2008, I went in to have my blood drawn to see if I was pregnant. I remember my husband, Jeff, and I were excited and nervous, all at the same time! The nurse that drew my blood announced, “Congratulations, you are pregnant!” She was so excited for us! It was wonderful to be in a doctor’s office where the staff truly cared for their patients.We were so excited that we would be going through this “baby journey” with Monarch.

The first 20 weeks of my pregnancy were for the most part “normal” and “healthy”. It was great! We saw Valerie for most of our appointments, and she was excellent. I was a first-time mom, so I had a lot of questions. Val always took time with me; answering my questions and making me feel completely at ease. During this time I did have pre-term labor contractions and went in to the office a few times to have them checked. Luckily, no one was concerned because I was not dilated at the time. Things were going great! Little did I know what would happen at week 26!

Julie Pregnant


I went in for my 26 week checkup, excited to get another normal and healthy report. I saw Kelly that day. I will never forget finding out that I was dilated. How could I be dilated at 26 weeks?! Needless to say, my mind started going in a thousand different directions! Kelly was so calm and reassuring. She confidently told me she was going to get Dr. Lee to come and just double check everything. Dr. Lee checked and, sure enough, I was dilated. I was in pre-term labor. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Lee’s reassuring demeanor, I don’t think I could have driven myself home to tell my husband what we were about to do.  We didn’t have our “bag” packed but we did it very quickly and drove to the hospital. She shared her “plan of attack” with me authoritatively, yet calmly and kindly. As scared as I was, I knew I was in the best possible hands. So off to the hospital we went, having no clue what the next 48 hours would hold for me and my baby girl.

As my husband Jeff and I were driving to the hospital, I tried to prepare mentally to deliver my baby girl that night. I knew the odds of delivering a baby that many weeks premature, and they aren’t good.  I cannot express to you the anxiety we were feeling. “We aren’t ready for this. Nothing is prepared. How am I going to do this? Will she be healthy? Will I be ok? What will happen?” The list of questions went on and on and on……

Then our miracle began to happen. Upon arriving at Maryview Hospital, we were welcomed and immediately taken care of in the best possible way. They started to implement Dr. Lee’s plan to stop my labor. I called it my personal “medicine cocktail”. The contractions started to ease. It was working! They were successfully stopping my pre-term labor! From then on, Dr. Lee placed me on daily medications and strict bed-rest, along with weekly check-ups, to continue to fight the pre-term labor.

From week 26 to week 39, I remember feeling like the staff at Monarch was my family. I was on the phone with the ladies at the front desk sometimes on a daily basis (at least it felt that way!) with questions, concerns, etc. They were always so kind and sweet. I came in to be checked once a week (sometimes twice). Every provider I saw was aware of my delicate situation, extremely professional, and always reassuring and confident that we would keep the pre-term labor at bay.


On April 23rd, Dr. Lee delivered my healthy baby girl, Emma Grace. She is our little miracle. We will forever be grateful for the excellent care we received from Monarch Women’s Wellness. I know their expertise and my confidence in them played a huge role in delivering at full term. I cannot imagine my pregnancy without them, especially Dr. Lee.

Julie, Emma, and Jeff

My advice to anyone who may be experiencing a similar situation would be to, first, pray about you and your baby’s health. Second, make sure you have a doctor you can place your full trust in. You want to be certain they are making the best decisions for you and offering you the right guidance. Those things are priceless.

My daughter, Emma Grace, just celebrated her 3rd birthday with a Tinkerbell-themed party. It was a precious memory for my husband and I, seeing her start to become a “big girl” and celebrating another year with her.  Thank you, Dr. Lee and Monarch Women’s Wellness, for playing such a vital role in our daughter’s life. We are forever thankful.

Julie and Emma in the Hospital

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