LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer – How to get one before Christmas!

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If there is one thing on many wish lists this Christmas Season it’s the new LeapFrog LeapPad. We’ve engaged in the threads on our Facebook page… and yes it’s true they are SO hard to find! So how do you get your hands on one just before Christmas? Is it possible?

Well, we did a bit of digging around… We do love a good challenge and frankly when it’s not that readily available.. well, it makes us want it that much more! So here is what we’ve found out:

1). Apparently LeapFrog had no idea that there would be such a massive demand for these kid friendly tablets. Production vs. Demand.. and right now demand is winning out BIG TIME! Walmart says to keep calling daily… they do come in but they don’t stay on the shelves for long… SO you have to get there super early to get one.  The Chesapeake Square Walmart had 8 on their shelves early this morning but by 8AM they were all sold out!

2). The Chesapeake Square Toys-R-Us had some Saturday. But, you will have to wait in line… and wait in line in the cold during the early morning hours is a must. They opened this past Saturday at 6AM. They had a line start to form around 4AM. You can’t show up at 5:45AM and expect to get one… they will be snatched up before then. I spoke with the store manager on Saturday… he said, “if you want one… you have to be committed… very committed to getting one and stopping by after we open won’t cut it.”  They suggest calling the stores around 11PM when the night crew arrives – they can then let you know how many could be on their truck.  If there are more than 2 in stock it might be worth standing in line before the store opens..

3). You could always buy one for twice the price online but we don’t suggest this… what’s the fun in that? And well, it doesn’t feel good knowing you paid more than you should have.

Consider your alternatives.. We know of some pretty great ones!

For instance the new Nabi Tablet is getting some great reviews and considering how much the games cost with LeapFrog you might end up saving money with the Nabi and it seems to have some really cool features and comes with Fooz Kids.   It’s $200.00 so it is a bit more up front, but according to this review by Geek Dad, those features more than make up for it. We will let you know if it’s “worth” it later this week.  We also stumbled upon an interesting overview of the Top 10 Tablets for Kids, here.

The iPod Touch is a great kid friendly device and with so many amazing free apps for kids and apps that only cost a mere .99, what’s not to love?  What child wouldn’t enjoy  Jellytoons, and any of the darling apps made by Duck, Duck Goose? Of course the iPod Touch does have a much higher price tag but since we are just exploring other options we couldn’t leave this gem out. There is the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet to consider too… Both great for different reasons!








You might also want to check out the Vtech Innotab.  This device competes directly with the LeapPad and it’s got a lot great features (see review) and costs less to own than the LeapPad with games usually retailing for $20.00.

Last but certainly not least.. the Leapster Explorer.  The Explorer did win the 2011 Educational Toy of the Year and at only $59.99 it’s something to seriously consider.  Today and tomorrow you can land one of these Leapster Explorers for 33% off at Target.   At $34.99 it’s a steal.

 We’d love to know:  is the LeapPad on your Christmas shopping list and if so, have you found one?  What tips do you have?


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