Let’s Get Crafty – with Dr. Thibodeau!

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Most of you probably don’t know that our very own, Dr. Rebecca Thibodeau, is the “Queen of all things Crafty”! Hand-made cards, photo bookmarks, personalized ornaments – you NAME IT, she DOES IT! Her husband even bought her a digital die cutter for Valentine’s Day. You may be thinking, “How does she have the time? She is a surgeon for Pete’s sake!” We, her co-workers, think the same thing! We were so impressed that we wanted to share her creations with you all. Enjoy! And there will be many more to come…..think Fall and Halloween!

These are some “Back to School” ideas that have made my household run smoother. I hope you enjoy creating and using them as much as I have!

~Dr. Thibodeau

What’s For Dinner? – Weekly Menu Board

  1. I love this because it’s weekly. I shop and plan my calendar weekly, and everyone knows what’s for dinner.
  2. Ingredients are listed on the back of the meal cards which are roughly 1 ½ by 4 ¼ inches. Sources such as recipe card, cookbook and page number, or binder are listed for easy reference.
  3. Clothespins secure the laminated meal cards.
  4. Using the two pockets (made from 16 count crayon boxes or something with a similar shape and size), I store all of my meal cards on the board. I use a rotating system, and I start with all the cards in the lower box. After we have a meal, I place its card into the upper box until we go through the majority of the cards. Then you start over again, and you can always add recipes.
  5. I used an 11×14” picture frame, so it’s easy to hang.  Using two nails keeps the board from tilting under its lopsided weight. Command strips also work well to balance it.


 What’s Happening This Week? –  Daily Schedule for the Week – “Dry Erase Style”

  1. Use whatever size frame works for you. You can choose a collage frame, with different spaces for the different days, or one large one, like mine.
  2. Use the backing of the picture frame as a guide to cut and adhere the scrapbook paper of your choice.
  3.  For the lettering of each day, you can use stickers or write the days with the dry-erase marker.
  4. Find a place in your home, hang it and you are done!
  5. You will love the dry-erase capability! Change made easy! When the week is done, just erase and you are done.


Mom, Where Are All of My “Box Tops”? – Box Top Storage

  1. This is an inexpensive, easy-to-make way to organize all of those box tops! Let your kids help you too.
  2. Recycle an old “gladware” storage container and decorate it.
  3. Choose a fun scrapbook paper pattern, stickers, ribbon, etc… to dress up your Box-Tops Box.


Love Letters With Your Kids – A Special Journal for Each Child 

  1. I have a special notebook for each of my boys, Alex and Mason. In them, are words between us that I will treasure forever!
  2. You can use these to share encouragement, start a conversation, document a memory, and much more….
  3. You can add pictures, keepsake items like ticket stubs, etc….
  4. You can also place them in surprising places, like their backpacks, under their pillows, etc…
  5. The best part I think, is that all their sweet words are documented forever in their handwriting!

 We would love to hear about your “Back to School” creations! What do you use to keep your house running smoothly? What have you made that captures memories with your kids? Can’t wait to hear….. Leave a comment below……


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