Maria’s Story: Life after Miscarriage

by Monarch Women's Wellness on January 23, 2018

As told by Maria Johnson, “Life after Miscarriage”

Upon meeting Dr. Khan in the Spring of 2016, I can honestly say I never thought she would end up delivering my two healthy, twin baby girls. My journey to becoming a mother was filled with many painful “bumps along the road.”

Expectantly Awaiting our Girls

Birth photography by Michelle Lynn Photography.

In early 2016, I was being treated by another OB/GYN for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and the health issues, as well as infertility that go along with that diagnosis. I just kept having one issue after the next that, truthfully, weren’t being addressed with my former OB/GYN.

I also endured 2 painful miscarriages, leaving scars on my heart and an emptiness for the family I always dreamed of having.

I knew at that point I needed to find a new OB/GYN. I researched and found Dr. Rebecca Thibodeau Khan and immediately scheduled an appointment at Monarch Women’s Wellness. At my first appointment, Dr. Khan thoroughly reviewed my case and answered so many of my questions. She decided surgery was the best route for my health and to hopefully be able to have a family one day soon. She performed the Myosure procedure to remove polyps, as well as a hysteroscopy and chromotubation. I finally felt like after all of these years of seeing OB/GYNs, my PCOS and infertility issues were being treated properly. Dr. Khan gained my trust, as well as my husband’s trust, immediately.

After my successful surgery, Dr. Khan was very positive and reassuring that I would become pregnant. My husband was thrilled, too! I remember telling Dr. Khan in her office one day, “One of the best things you can give someone is hope. And that is what you have done for us!”  She restored my hope that having a family was possible!

During this time, my husband and I were in the midst of planning to hold a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness event in our local community. I knew the heartache and pain of losing a child (two times, actually), and felt very called to help others affected. We also signed up for a course to become adoptive parents through foster care, as this was something that had been on both of our hearts for years.  It was at that time, September 2016, that I found out I was pregnant!

I would say that overall, I had a difficult, yet healthier than I expected, pregnancy. The joy, mixed with nervousness, was unparalleled. At six weeks, on a visit home to see my mom, I started hemorrhaging. I knew (based on my other miscarriages) that this was the end for this pregnancy. I crumbled with grief and fear.  I was rushed to the closest Emergency Room (and remember I was out of town, so I knew Dr. Khan wouldn’t be there), and thankfully was met with wonderful doctors. The ultrasound tech was the one who reassured me I hadn’t lost my baby…..and that actually she saw two healthy babies with strong heartbeats!

That next day, Monday, I had an appointment with Dr. Khan. After I finished telling her all about my hemorrhage, I told her the hospital there had given me something to show her for her records. I then showed her the ultrasound picture and she squealed with joy for me! She was so excited! I remember her saying “Wait a minute, I am supposed to be the one that surprises you!”

At 12 weeks, I had another hemorrhage, but thankfully still continued the pregnancy with two healthy babies. My nerves were shot and my anxiety was high! Dr. Khan continued to reassure me during this very challenging time. We really developed a bond during this pregnancy. I trusted her. I felt very physically and emotionally safe with Dr. Khan, which is something I am grateful for to this day!

At 34 weeks, I went into labor. The day was finally here when I would meet my two little girls! And Dr. Khan, my husband, and my mom were right beside me. In my mind, I had always pictured myself having a very natural birth, possibly even a home birth. In previous appointments, I shared these wishes with Dr. Khan, knowing that they would be limited due to the high-risk nature of this pregnancy. We discussed all of my options and what she was comfortable allowing me to do that honored my wishes, yet never endangered the health of myself or the babies.

One thing Dr. Khan knew was best for my safety and the safety of my babies was delivering in the operating room. Yet, she allowed me to labor as long as possible in my room. The whole delivery we aimed for a vaginal birth, still always trusting Dr. Khan’s decision of what was best for my health minute by minute. We used essential oils, and other naturally soothing techniques. The nursing staff was extremely supportive, too! I felt so honored to be able to have pieces of the “birth” I had always pictured, all the while knowing Dr. Khan had it all under control.

Maria and Baby Girls

Birth photography by Michelle Lynn Photography.

I am excited to say we delivered, vaginally, my two precious and healthy girls, Seraphina and Charlotte. I had a wonderful birthing experience!

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Khan and Monarch Women’s Wellness for walking on this motherhood journey with me.

Dr. Khan and Baby Girls


Maria’s Advice:

Don’t ever forget the importance of hope! And so many times hope and trust go hand in hand. Finding healthcare providers who you can trust is possible.

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