Melissa’s Story: Hope After a Miscarriage

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When my husband Hank and I got married a couple years ago, we started avidly researching OBGYN physicians online. At the time, we were living in Virginia Beach, but I wanted the best care available, so we kept researching within the Hampton Roads area. Then, my husband actually came across Dr. Rachel Lee and the Monarch Women’s Wellness website. The patient reviews were outstanding, and he encouraged me to schedule a new patient appointment. We did and both immediately fell in love with Dr. Lee and the whole Monarch staff. Saying that she is “personable” is an understatement. I felt like my new OBGYN was my friend.  And the unexpected turn that my pregnancy journey took over the next couple months proved that she was not only a friend, but also a lifesaver and symbol of comfort and hope.

Melissa, Ailee, and Dr. Lee

Photography by Kimberlin Gray.

I became pregnant quickly after our wedding, and the next month my husband was deployed. Despite him being deployed, we were both so comfortable knowing that we and our unborn baby were in the care of Monarch Women’s Wellness and Dr. Lee.  We were over the moon with excitement about welcoming a new baby to our family!

Unexpectedly, at 12 weeks while my husband was still deployed, I started to have complications. The Monarch Women’s Wellness staff was wonderful in immediately getting me seen. Unfortunately my complications were too much for our unborn child, and they had to perform a D&C. Dr Lee held my hand the entire time and didn’t underestimate my pain. She was more than a doctor to me that day; she was my supporter, my friend. She cried with me during the D&C process. Knowing that my husband was gone, she truly stepped up and offered me so much hope that this wasn’t the end for us.

A few months after Hank returned from deployment, we were again blessed with a pregnancy! Dr. Lee and all the staff at Monarch treated us so gently and with such care. If I had any concerns, the office would immediately see me and reassure us of the baby’s condition.  Early in this pregnancy, I started to bleed. There are no words to express how scared I was. Dr. Lee immediately saw us that day and monitored my condition. Luckily, after 3 weeks, my bleeding stopped and our baby was completely healthy. During those 3 scary weeks, the office would reassure me by letting us hear the heartbeat and by taking ultrasound pictures.  They always had our best interest in mind, emotionally and physically.

After the bleeding stopped, my pregnancy was relatively healthy, until my sweet baby girl decided to turn “breech.” Dr. Lee decided to schedule a C-section, and even though I was scared to death and had originally wanted to attempt a vaginal delivery, I knew to trust her and her brilliance as a doctor. It turns out her advice was stellar, because our daughter’s umbilical cord ended up wrapping around her neck, and the c-section saved her life. During the entire delivery process, Dr. Lee remained calm, collected, loving, and even funny. Hank and Dr. Lee even took bets about our baby’s weight. Hank is from Texas, so Dr. Lee played into the “everything’s bigger in Texas” philosophy. We actually enjoyed the delivery and surgery, because she relaxed us.   Hank and I were honored to have Dr. Lee welcome our sweet baby girl, Ailee, into the world that day.  We also had a wonderful experience with the caring nursing staff at the Maryview Family Birthing Center.

Melissa’s Advice:

My number one piece of advice is that there is hope after a miscarriage. Dr. Lee instilled that hope in us, and walked us through the next pregnancy, step by scary step. She goes above and beyond her calling as a doctor, and becomes your friend. My family and I live in Toano now, which is about an hour away from the office. My husband and I are talking about having another baby, and YES, we will make that drive for Dr. Lee and the peace she gives us.

The last time I saw Dr. Lee for a check-up, she noticed that I have lost a lot of weight. She looked at me and said in all honesty, “Melissa, you were beautiful then and you are beautiful now, you have always been beautiful on the inside and out.” Yes, ladies, people like that still exist, and you would consider yourself privileged to have one of them deliver your miracle.

I love you, Dr. Lee. Thank you for sharing our miracle with us!

Melissa and Ailee

Photography by Kimberlin Gray.

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