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by Monarch Women's Wellness on September 20, 2011 · 1 comment

Laurie, now 32, spent most of her 20’s avoiding doctors. “I went five years without a Pap Smear. I’m the kind of person who only went to the doctor when something hurt or when I had to for school,” she said.

Laurie avoided the doctor and the dentist and if she had to go to either, she avoided asking a lot of questions. It’s fair to say that she was not engaged in taking care of her health.

About five years ago, Laurie had an attitude change, one that she attributes to finally trusting her health care team. “A friend recommended Monarch (known then as Churchland Ob/Gyn) to me when I was ready to get pregnant, and I went in and had a fabulous conversation with Dr. Rebecca Thibodeau. We talked about getting pregnant and 30 days later I was back to see her, pregnant! How’s that for success?”

Laurie didn’t go into the pregnancy without reservations, though. A family history of miscarriage made her wary of all that could go wrong. “I was afraid, and expected that I would lose babies during the process. They got me in immediately and spent so much time with me that I came out almost fearless,” she said.

“It mattered to me that I was in the right hands, my pregnancy depended on it. At Monarch, it was the first time I cared who my doctor was” Laurie said.

After a miscarriage scare in the first trimester that Dr. Rachel Lee helped her handle, Laurie continued to rely on her Monarch doctors.  “I was 11 weeks along and thought I had made it over the hurdle.. ready to tell the world about our pregnancy.. then the bleeding started.”

“I’ll never forget that morning. I went in after bleeding heavily most of the night expecting to not hear a heartbeat… but it was there, loud and clear.. .stronger than ever!  I just lost it!  I believe God used these women to help me carry my miracle full term… and that’s exactly what they did.”

Laurie continued to rely on Monarch as her pregnancy moved along, and she relished being pregnant – even the nesting instinct that made her organize her magazines by date, title and color. But, what she didn’t know was that her pregnancy was going to end a little sooner than she thought.

At 37 weeks, her water broke, and Laurie made her way to the hospital. She didn’t believe it – she wasn’t ready for the baby to come yet and hadn’t even had her baby shower. Laurie was anxious and felt unprepared, but Dr. Lee’s presence reassured her. She’d need to rely on that reassurance because her baby was breach and wouldn’t be able to be delivered vaginally.

“As scary as it was hearing this, it was OK. I had complete assurance because we had already overcome so many of my fears.. and I had grown to trust her. It could have been more stressful but Dr. Rachel Lee looked me in the eye and kept me focused and I didn’t freak out,” Laurie said.

Laurie’s son Vann was delivered safely by Caesarian section and Laurie was grateful for the care she received during the process, both from Monarch’s obstetricians and the nurses at Maryview Family Birth Center. “The nurses mothered me when I needed it and they gave me a kick in the pants when I need that too.  They are  the best nurses I’ve ever encountered in Hampton Roads and I wouldn’t deliver anywhere else!”

Laurie’s son is now 4, and she’s looking forward to another pregnancy soon—and to getting back to Monarch more often. “As crazy as this may sound, I miss them between Pap smears (which she now gets EVERY year) because I know I’m not just a number or a chart to them. They know me, and they’ve helped so much,” she said.

Monarch’s practice is made of up well-trained and professional female staff– which Laurie appreciates. “They are such a big part of pregnancy. These doctors have gone through what you have, the tests, the fears, they’ve all been there and it helps, a lot,” she said.

Laurie depends on Monarch Women’s Wellness as the health care team that she trusts. Shouldn’t you expect that kind of relationship with your doctors? For more information about how you can experience Monarch Women’s Wellness, contact us.  If you have a story you would like to share with us send an email to [email protected] for all the details.


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