One item you really need in your Hospital Bag…

by Monarch Women's Wellness on January 9, 2012

The voice of every mother:  Nina Simone

I packed for my first delivery like I was driving cross country – and camping.

I brought a large bag, the diaper bag fully stocked with 0-24 months clothing, and a brand new cosmetic bag.

Juicy Diaper Bag

 My husband brought a bag, his pillow, and yes, the aero-bed.

I had followed every book checklist, and given myself the luxury of a few (12) new items from Target – new pajamas, new slippers, new makeup (?), and the first pieces of a new wardrobe category I dubbed “lounge wear…” (A velour hoodie may or may not have been involved. )

But what I would need the most, inevitably, I had not brought.

After a long labor and an emergency c-section, I found myself in recovery clutching a Polaroid of my sweet baby girl and croaking to anyone who would listen,


Burt's Bees Chapstick

After labor, anesthesia, and surgery, I actually felt little pain. What I did feel were my dry, cracked lips.

Ice chips were brought.

“No please… I need something for my lips…”

“B-L-I-S-T-E-X?” (New strategy)

Nothing. Finally. “BURTS BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES?!!!!!!”

I learned my lesson. For the birth of my second baby girl, I packed light. But I brought about a dozen tubes of lip balm. I slept clenching them in my fists. I had a new baby. I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes. There were new mistakes to be made…

What did you not have that you needed during delivery? What did you pack that was completely unnecessary? Packing checklist to come!


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