Pregnant Mary and a Donkey

by Monarch Women's Wellness on December 16, 2011 · 1 comment

I was pregnant with my first child during the Christmas season. She was due December 7 and arrived
December 16 and for any of you that have ever been overdue, you know what those nine days past due

I became convinced that I would be pregnant forever or at least for another eight years. I could see
newspaper headlines announcing the birth of the first full grown adult. I would never see my feet again.

My body decided to surrender at exactly 40 weeks. Meaning that for those additional days, it refused
to cooperate. I sat down until I swelled up so much I had to walk. And I walked until I swelled so much I
had to sit.

And I became convinced that Mary did not ride a donkey to Bethlehem.

Mary on a Donkey

How could she? I would never claim to have much in common with Mary, but pregnancy is pregnancy.
And even with technology and progress, there has yet to be a “Gestate Your Baby” App.

So I searched the Scriptures, re read the story. No. Donkey.

Then somewhere between celebrating my correct assumption, and theorizing that Joseph valiantly
carried Mary to Bethlehem, my baby arrived. They always do, you know. Eventually.

Maybe it was all of the mall-walking those final days that did it. Or the Thai food…Regardless, she

Now, every Christmas season I remember waiting for her – in awe of my body, in awe of the miracle,
feeling solidarity with Mary. My sweet baby girl came when she was ready. But who knows? Perhaps she
would have arrived earlier had a donkey ride been involved…

Written by Nina Simone, My Songs to Sing

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