Surprise! You’re Pregnant (and really surprised…)

by Monarch Women's Wellness on March 30, 2012

My first pregnancy was a surprise, a “knock me off my feet” sort of surprise.

Those nine months were a journey to joy when my child arrived – but they were also a journey of adjustment, and often anxiety.

Facing a pregnancy that was not planned? Here are some steps that can make the path smoother.

1.)    Don’t fight the feelings.  If you are sad or disappointed, let yourself feel that. Don’t worry that you are mourning a child you will love like crazy – you aren’t. You are simply mourning  the unexpected nature of life – the stress of interrupted plans. Let yourself feel what you need to feel. Be sensitive in how and to whom you express those feelings, but let yourself walk through the emotional process.

2.)    Build a team. Who are your emotional supporters? Who are your cheerleaders?  Confide in them, spend time with them, let them know what you need. Your OB should be on this team. Be honest about where you are emotionally. Ask as many questions as possible because unknowns and ambiguities feed anxiety.

3.)    Connect in your own way. Does working on the baby’s room help you prepare? Or knitting blankets? Or looking at clothes? I loved looking at books and dreaming up my baby’s first home library, but I was overwhelmed upon entering Babies R Us.

4.)    Listen to your body. This could be one instance where body over mind is more effective. Some of the greatest wisdom I received was “As your body adjusts, so do you.” It’s true.  I am so grateful for a design that requires 9 months for gestation – it allows a gradual, almost calming rate of growth. Let your body actually prepare your heart and mind.

Joy awaits you. But hopefully these steps will allow you some peace in the process.

We would love to hear from you! What are your ways of coping with change or unexpected events? Please share……


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