Teresia’s Story: Saved by a da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy

by Monarch Women's Wellness on October 9, 2013 · 1 comment

Teresia PowellThis year my life took a surprising turn. I found out that a fibroid cyst I have had for years, grew drastically to 10 cm. That is the size of a baby’s head! The doctor I was seeing at the time told me it was so large it was pressing on my other organs. I kept waking up at night because of the pressure. It was terrible!

I will never forget the day I sat in that doctor’s office as he told me I needed to have a hysterectomy. He proceeded to tell me that it would take 6-8 weeks of recovery time, because they only preformed traditional hysterectomies.  I couldn’t hold in my tears; I sat there in the office chair and sobbed. I am a single, working woman. I didn’t have 8 weeks! But I knew this needed to be done for my health. I scheduled the surgery for June 11th, dreading it every day I woke up.

Then my miracle happened. I attended a Bon Secours Women’s Seminar with a dear friend of mine. I was there for moral support for her because of some health problems she was having. Dr. Rachel Lee, with Monarch Women’s Wellness, started to speak to the group of ladies. Within minutes, I KNEW the real reason why I attended this seminar. I couldn’t stop fidgeting in my seat because I wanted to go up and hug her!

Dr. Lee was speaking about the da Vinci robotic, minimally-invasive hysterectomy procedure that she performs. When I heard about its MUCH shorter recovery time (approximately 2 weeks) and less pain, I was ready to get scheduled for mine. She also shared her personal health journey with us, which made me feel even more comfortable with this brilliant surgeon.

As soon as she finished speaking, I pretty much ran across the room to meet her. As we continued to talk, I knew this was the path I was going to take. I called Monarch Women’s Wellnessthe next day, and they were able to get me on Dr. Lee’s surgery schedule the SAME WEEK as my other doctor. Needless to say, I called and cancelled the traditional hysterectomy and moved my patient records to Monarch.

June 14th was my surgery day at Maryview Medical Center. My loved ones that were there with me for support were greatly impressed with Dr. Lee. They noticed how she came into the room “like a burst of energy” early that morning to talk to us before the surgery. I was completely at ease and trusting of her abilities.

As I was recovering at Maryview, I had absolutely wonderful care! I was very pleased with my nursing care and how comfortable they made me feel. My nurse was taking care of me and another woman at the same time. The other patient had just had a traditional hysterectomy. My nurse kept saying, “This is just amazing!  My other patient groaned all night in pain, and you are up walking around! WOW!”

I had my post-surgical appointment with Dr. Lee 10 days after my surgery with great results. I was actually able to return to work the next day. Yes, 11 days after my surgery! Unbelievable! My co-workers couldn’t believe the results, recovery time, and low pain I had experienced.

I cannot thank Dr. Lee and Monarch Women’s Wellness enough for giving me a piece of my life back, for making this miracle possible in my life, and for sharing their brilliance, so that my life didn’t have to be completely interrupted because of a health problem.

Teresia’s Advice:

Women, stay informed! Learn about the procedures that are offered in your local area. When one doctor tells you something, research it. Ask around. See what other options are out there, before you say “yes” to anything. If I hadn’t done this, I would still be in bed recovering and in pain. Thank you, Dr. Lee!

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