Thank Your Teachers: From Dr. Thibodeau Khan

by Monarch Women's Wellness on June 6, 2013 · 1 comment

As we wrap up our children’s school years, it is a time of reflection on how grateful we are for their teachers.

They put band-aids on their scraped knees, they pat them on their back and say “great job”, they protect them from harm, they get excited when the light bulb finally comes on, they help instil kindness and manners, they expand their brain power daily, they help us as parents to do our job when we aren’t there, and the list goes on and on and on…..

These are 3 easy to make, creative gifts, home-made by our very own Dr. Thibodeau Khan, that you and your child can make together to thank their teachers.


One Smart Cookie



This is simple to put together! Pick the cookies of your choice and put them in a clear bag, any type will do. Then make a label reading “Thanks for making me one smart cookie”! Dr. Thibodeau Khan used her digital die-cutter to make this one, but you could use scrap book paper and stickers to make the words, or even simply write them on a paper of your choice. Then staple the bag and label together. You are done!



Making Me Wiser


This follows the same concept as the One Smart Cookie gift. You can make your owl face out of scrapbooking paper and supplies. Then attach your face label to the plastic bag with staples. The inside owls are Hershey’s Miniature candies wrapped in a paper owl design, that is a free printable from Pinterest. This is Dr. Thibodeau Khan’s personal favorite.



Teacher M&Ms


M&M note



All you need to make this adorable gift is a mason jar filled with M&Ms, cute paper to make the labels, and string or ribbon to attach the two together. Again you can make your 2 labels (one for the top of the jar and the other to list the M&M description) digitally on the computer, handwritten, or spelled out with letter stickers. Customize it however you and your child would like!


We would love to know any great ideas you have for teacher’s gifts! Share pictures or ideas on our blog or on our Facebook page.

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