4 Simple Rituals to Rejuvinate

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A few years ago, I was the mother of “two under two.” It was a season full of wonder and newness
and laughter and beauty, all of which sent me into the fetal position on my bathroom floor one night. I
was exhausted, emotionally and physically, and I was a bit lonely – for myself. I followed this meltdown
with some emotional donut – eating and realized I needed a better strategy.


And I am not very strategic or structured. But I wasn’t making it. Yes, I was surviving. And we all
want to survive, but chances are we want to do more. Are you the mother of little ones? Does your
love for them take your breath away? Do their demands take your energy away?

Here are some themes to work into your daily routine that will help sustain you.

Every Day:Bath time

1. Do something that energizes you – engaging in a hobby, a phone call with a friend, exercise.
Make time for these activities every single day. Even if it is 15 minutes.

2. Do something that relaxes you – A daily massage is probably not possible, but maybe a late
night bubble bath is? Or listening to your favorite music. Or a short walk. Splurge on a shower
gel that you love, because that shower time is precious. Can’t afford the cost or the babysitter
required for a manicure? Buy some polish you like and take the time to paint your nails.

3. Do something that inspires you – take the time to look at art if you are around it in the public
library or even on display in the mall. Read, pray, meditate, sing. Do it again. And again.

4. Eat as many meals as possible sitting down. Society has built in-times to sit, these are called
meals. Resist the temptation to multi-task this event away. Grab at a chance to sit. Sitting and
only on eating is proven to quench your physical appetite much more effectively. If you
actually take advantage of meals at meal time you will have less of an urge to snack throughout
the day.yoga

Remembering to incorporate these practices can feel like a discipline at first. The dishes, the laundry
and the paperwork will always be there. Sometimes you must choose to fall behind in those areas in
exchange for engaging in rituals that energize you and feed you emotionally and spiritually. Besides,
the housework won’t get done if you are curled up on the bathroom floor either…

We know how hectic life can be! Going in a thousand different directions. Never feeling like your “To-Do” list is finished! Cassandra, our Massage Therapist, wants to encourage you to take some time for yourself. Rejuvenate with a massage for you and your special someone.

We have gift certificates just for you and your loved one!

Stone Massage

For Him: 
1 hour deep tissue or sports massage w/hot stones 65.00
1 1/2 hours deep tissue or sports massage w/hot stones 95.00
2 gift certificates for 1 hour each 80.00
For Her: 
1 hour soothing prenatal massage w/foot scrub  55.00
1 1/2 hours soothing prenatal massage w/foot scrub 85.00
1 hour Swedish massage w/foot scrub  55.00
1 1/2 hours Swedish massage w/foot scrub  85.00


Also, purchasing a Valentine’s gift card will place you in a drawing to win dinner for two at The Olive Garden.  The drawing will be held on Tuesday, February 13, 2012  (just before Valentine’s Day).


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