Best of Hampton Roads Contest – Please VOTE for Us!

by Monarch Women's Wellness on March 9, 2015

We are currently running in the Best Of Hampton Roads Contest, for multiple categories.  We’d love to have your vote.  You can vote for us via their website and via your cell phone using our text codes.

Best of Hampton Roads Contest, Monarch Women's Wellness, OBGYN

To vote online please go to  You will need to register if you have not already.  We are under:

Western Branch/Churchland/North Suffolk: Healthcare – Doctor/Health Care Provider

Western Branch/Churchland/North Suffolk: Healthcare – OBGYN

Chesapeake: Healthcare – Doctor/Health Care Provider

Chesapeake: Healthcare – OBGYN

To vote for us via text please dial 21333 and text:


CCRH for best OB/GYN

AXTE fot best Docotor/Health Care Provider

Western Branch, Churchland, North Suffolk
CCRJ for best OB/GYN
AXRR for best Docotor/Health Care Provider


Contest ends March 24th!

Thank you! We appreciate each and every one of your votes!

~ Dr. Rebecca Thibodeau Khan, Dr. Rachel Lee, Dr. Susan Almquist, Valerie Adair P.A., Kelly Davis N.P

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